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This morning, a meeting of the GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council) Council was held and the reappointment of Elbia Gannoum, President of ABEEólica, was approved as Vice-President of the GWEC Board, representing associations. Elbia had been elected for the first time as Vice President in 2020.


“We are at a very critical moment in which the joining of forces of the wind industry is essential for us to act in order to help contain the effects of global warming. Therefore, I feel very honored to be able to contribute even more to the GWEC. We want ABEEólica’s experience to be as useful as possible, we want to contribute as much as we can so that wind power can grow stronger in every corner of the planet. If we want to reach net zero by 2050, wind installations need to almost quadruple and it’s the industry’s job to make that happen, with GWEC playing a key role in this process” – Elbia Gannoum, President of ABEEólica .

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