Team and Board Members

Based on the concept of professional management, ABEEólica’s governance format is composed of an executive president, represented by Elbia Gannoum and a Board of Directors, made up of 19 members. Board members have a fundamental and strategic role in decision-making. Among the attributions are the establishment of forms of action of ABEEólica before its different audiences; definition of policies, plans, goals, strategies and guidelines for the institution’s performance and manifestation on matters of interest to the wind energy industry and market in the country and abroad. Meet the executives who run ABEEólica:

  • CEO: Elbia Gannoum
  • Regulatory Board: Francisco Silva, Bárbara Souza Torres, Carolina Kimura, Gabriele Benfatti, Lohany Menossi and Riomar Jorge
  • New Business Board: Marcello Cabral, André Themóteo, Fernanda Guedes, Juliano Martins and Matheus Eurico
  • Communications and Institutional Relations: Camila Salles and Marta Telles
  • ESG and Diversity: Felipe Vieira and Moira Garkisch
  • Membership Relations: Patricia Lopes
  • Administrative, Finance and HR: Laudicéa Andrade, Vanessa Santos and Ana Andrade
  • Executive Secretariat: Ariane Monteiro and Ingrid Silva
  • Reception: Thais Lima
  • Legal: Silene Casella Salgado

Board of Directors
(Election: April 26th, 2023 – Term ends: April 2025)

  • President: Fernando Elias Silva Sé (Casa dos Ventos)
  • Adelson Gomes Ferraz (Brennand Energia)
  • Álvaro Barbalho Ferreira (Shell)
  • Anna Paula Hiotte Pacheco (Enel Green Power)
  • Arnaldo Gaspar Júnior (Construtora A Gaspar)
  • Francine Martins Pisni (AES Brazil)
  • Henrique Petersen Paiva (Siemens Energy)
  • João Paulo Gualberto da Silva (WEG)
  • Laura Cristina da Fonseca Porto (Neoenergia)
  • Leandro Xavier (ENGIE Brasil Energia)
  • Leonardo Euler de Morais (Vestas)
  • Mauro Lourenço de Andrade (Prumo Logística)
  • Paula Dalbello (EDP Renewables)
  • Rafael Valverde de Miranda Souto (Eolus)
  • Raíssa Cafure Lafranque (EDF Renewables)
  • Roberto Lobo Miranda (TEN – Torres Eólicas Nordeste)
  • Rodolfo Coli da Cunha (CPFL Energias Renováveis)
  • Sérgio Ricardo Motta de Souza (Serena Energy)
  • Tchiarles Coutinho Hilbig (DNV)

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