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ABEEólica is the organized, articulated and cohesive voice of the entire production chain involved and committed to the development of wind energy in the Brazilian energy matrix. The association defends the implementation of the best regulatory framework, compliance with environmental standards, fair tax policy and the image of quality, reliability, availability and competitiveness of the associated companies businesses. See below for reasons to join:

  • ABEEólica brings together the entire production chain of the Brazilian wind power sector and defends the rights and interests of the country's main stakeholders;

  • It has a good relationship and permanent work with the main government institutions that have influence in the energy sector, such as the Ministry of Energy Mines, Ministry of the Environment, regulatory bodies, among others;

  • Participation in different discussions related to the wind sector, on technical, regulatory, commercial, market, logistics, infrastructure, environment, etc;

  • Possibility of obtaining advisory, regulatory and economic technical support from the Association;

  • Approaching most companies operating in the wind power sector and participating in a business environment made possible by the Association.

  • The association brings numerous benefits to associates in matters of a conjunctural, structural, strategic, logistical and emergency nature.


I QUALIFIED -a) Manufacturers of wind turbines; b) Companies that participate directly or indirectly, even if in a minority, in companies that own wind farms in operation; c) Companies that participate directly or indirectly, even if in a minority, in companies that own wind farms under development; d) Confederations and State Federations of Industries in the energy sector; e) Investment Funds and Investment Management Companies focused on the energy sector

II SENIOR – a) Manufacturers of main components of large wind turbines such as blades, hubs, nacelles, transformers, gearboxes and towers; b) Engineering companies dedicated to the provision of civil and/or electrical construction services, including electromechanical assembly, for the implementation of wind projects; c) Logistics and transport companies providing services to the wind power segment; d) Energy trading companies.

III FULL – The other companies participating in the production chain of the wind industry are included in this category, which will be eligible to become members, according to the analysis and approval of the Board of Directors, under the terms provided for in the statute.

IV JUNIOR – This category includes research institutes, universities, study centers that have an interest and/or activity associated with the wind sector, and manufacturers of mini and micro wind generators as defined in ANEEL Resolution No. 482/2012.

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