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This Privacy Policy was prepared by ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE ENERGIA EÓLICA, a non-profit private entity headquartered at Avenida Paulista, n.º 1337, conj. 51, Bela Vista, Municipality and State of São Paulo, registered with the CNPJ under No. 08.087.674/0001-87 (“ABEEólica” or “We”).

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We made this Policy so that you can find, in a single place, all the information regarding the use of your personal information collected to carry out our activities.

In other words, it is through this Privacy Policy that we will explain how we will treat your personal data whenever you contact us, participate in our events, access our websites, or respond to one of our surveys.

We recommend that you carefully read the content of this Privacy Policy and contact our Data Protection Officer (contact information at the end of the document), in case of questions or need for clarification.

1. Preliminary Definitions

The expressions highlighted below, when used in this Privacy Policy, should be understood as follows:

  • ABEEólica or We: non-profit institution that brings together and represents the wind energy industry in the country, including companies from the entire production chain;
  • Controller: natural or legal person responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data;
  • Personal Data: information related to the identified or identifiable natural person;
  • Data Officer: employee appointed by ABEEólica who acts as a communication channel between ABEEólica, data subjects and authorities regarding personal data;
  • Partners: any natural or legal personnel, of a public or private nature, who assist and/or participate, in any way, in the activities carried out by ABEEólica;
  • Privacy Policy: this document seeks to establish, in a transparent manner, how your personal data is treated;
  • Data Subject: natural person to whom the personal data that are processed;
  • International Data Transfer: any personal data processing activity that presupposes access to data by an agent located abroad; or storage of personal data abroad;
  • Processing of Personal Data: any operation carried out with personal data, such as those referring to collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation, control, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction;
  • You or User: anyone who interacts with us, whether through our websites, by participating in our events or by partnering in our activities.

2. Disposições Gerais

  • Except in some specific cases, the Controller of your personal data, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, is ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE ENERGIA EÓLICA – ABEEÓLICA, a company headquartered at Avenida Paulista, n.º 1337, conj. 51 Bela Vista, Municipality and State of São Paulo, registered with the CNPJ under No. 08.087.674/0001-87.
  • As we are always looking to improve our Services, this Policy may be updated in order to provide more security, convenience and increasingly improve your experience. That is why we recommend that you access our Policy periodically, so that you are aware of any changes. To make it easier, we indicate at the beginning of the document the date of the last update. If material changes are made, we will post this update so that you can assess whether you agree with the new conditions.

3. How do we collect your personal data?

The collection of your personal data may occur by different means, which are:

3.1. Direct Collection

3.2. Collection through Partners

3.3. Automatic Collection through Cookies and Tracking Technologies

4. What personal data is collected and for what purpose?

We are a non-profit institution that brings together and represents the wind energy industry in Brazil, including companies from the entire production chain. Our objective, since our foundation in 2002, is to effectively contribute to the development and recognition of wind energy as a clean, renewable, low environmental impact, competitive and strategic source for the composition of the national energy matrix.

To this end, our activities presuppose the collection and processing of personal data, whether so that we can register associates and their representatives; to facilitate communication between members, as well as with other institutions and partners; to promote your registration in our events or even to hire our collaborators and service providers.

As you may have noticed, the form and purpose of the personal data processing activities vary according to the context for which your data was collected, and in any case the data will be treated in a transparent and exclusively for the purposes for which they are intended, in full compliance with the authorizing legal bases.

Thus, to reinforce ABEEólica’s commitment to your privacy, we have prepared a table to facilitate the visualization of our activities that involve the collection and use of your personal data:

ActivitiesHoldersPersonal DataLegal base
Registration and participation in events promoted by ABEEólicaLegal representatives of our associates and any third parties that show interest.Full name, professional position, e-mail and telephone.Contract Execution.
Interaction with authorities and third parties at events and meetings.Public authorities, legal representatives of members and third parties involved.Full name and telephone number (personal and/or professional)Contract execution
Process of association of companies to ABEEólica.Legal representatives of the members.Name, position, RG, CPF, address, zip code, secretary contactContract execution
Management and communication with associated companies.Legal representatives and/or associates’ collaborators; legal representatives and/or employees of other companies and third parties.Full qualification (Name, nationality, marital status, profession, RG, CPF, address), e-mail, telephone, companyContract execution
Interaction with third parties on social mediaThird partiesData made available on the social network (generally, only name and photo)Legitimate interest
Journalists contact listJournalistsName, title, telephones, e-mail, media vehicle.Legitimate interest
Sharing of contact data for associates in the Communication area of the AssociatesAssociates’ Employees (Communication Area)Name, title, phone, emailConsent

4.1. Data on Children and Adolescents

We do not knowingly solicit, collect, process, store or share personal data from children and adolescents. In this sense, we recommend that access to our website (or other services) by minors is always carried out under the supervision of parents and/or guardians. If we verify the collection of any information from minors, we will remove their personal data from our records immediately.

However, please note that we may collect personal data from children and adolescents directly from their parents and/or guardians who explicitly consent, in accordance with the rules of current legislation.

4.2. Cookies and other tracking technologies

Cookies are data files that are placed on your computer or other devices as you browse the Site.

We use cookies, pixels and other technologies to recognize your browser or device, learn more about your interests, provide personalized features and services, improve security, prevent fraudulent activities and maintain the integrity of operations. You can reject our cookies directly through your browser.

5. With whom do we share your personal data?

In some situations, in order for us to carry out our institutional activities, promote events and communicate with civil society, we eventually need to rely on the help of third parties, with whom we may share your personal data. However, whenever we disclose your personal data to any third parties, we require their strict compliance with this Privacy Policy.

We have set out below the third parties with whom we may share your personal data:

  • Contractors, service providers and other third parties that we use to support our activities, and that are contractually bound to us;
  • Our business partners, in the fulfillment of our contracts and agreements;
  • With our members, in promoting relationships between members and between members and institutions related to ABEEólica’s activities;
  • An eventual buyer or other successor in the event of sale or transfer of ABEEólica’s assets;
  • Any governmental authority, in compliance with any court order, law, legal or administrative process;
  • Payment or financial institution, to process the purchase of a product or the acquisition of a service, as well as to make payments and/or tax collections arising from an employment relationship or service provision;
  • Anyone, if we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of ABEEólica, our partners or third parties.

6. How long will we retain your personal data?

We will store and maintain your information: (i) for as long as required by law; (ii) until the end of the processing of personal data, (iii) for the time necessary to preserve the legitimate interest of ABEEólica, (iv) for the time necessary to protect the regular exercise of ABEEólica’s rights.

In relation to item “ii”, the following situations should be understood by “end of data processing”:

  • When the purpose for which the personal data of the data subject was collected is achieved and/or the personal data collected is no longer necessary or relevant to the scope of that purpose;
  • When the data subject is in his right to request the termination of the treatment and the deletion of his personal data and he does so; and When there is a legal determination in this regard.

7. International Transfer of Personal Data

ABEEólica may transfer your personal data to partners and/or service providers located abroad, including cloud service providers.

If your personal data is transferred abroad, ABEEólica will take appropriate measures to ensure adequate protection of your personal data in accordance with the requirements of applicable data protection legislation, including entering into appropriate data transfer agreements with third parties from your personal data when necessary.

8. Security of Stored Data

Your privacy is very important to us. In this sense, ABEEólica has invested in the implementation of security systems and technical, physical and managerial procedures usually adopted by the market to protect its data.

However, while we will do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal data transmitted to us. Therefore, it is imperative that you are aware of the inherent risk of any personal data processing activity.

9. Exercise of your rights

You can contact us directly to exercise any of your rights guaranteed by law, such as access, confirmation of the existence of a personal data processing activity, correction, rectification, portability or execution of any personal data that you have provided to us.

To do so, just send a message to our Supervisor, whose details can be found at the end of this document. If the fulfillment of your request is not possible, due to legal determination or business secret, our Person in Charge will contact you directly to clarify the situation.

Please note that if you request the deletion of your personal data, we may keep a copy stored in our files, where required by law.

10. How to contact us

In case of any doubts regarding the way we handle your personal data or for inquiries and requests you can contact our Data Protection Officer, Dr. Silene Casella Salgado, via e-mail dpo@abeeolica.org.br, which will always seek to serve you in the shortest possible time.

São Paulo, October/2021

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