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Founded in 2002, ABEEólica – Associação Brasileira de Energia Eólica is a non-profit institution that brings together and represents the wind energy industry in the country, including companies from the entire production chain.

Since its foundation, ABEEólica has effectively contributed to the development and recognition of wind energy as a clean, renewable, low environmental impact, competitive and strategic source for the composition of the national energy matrix.

timeline our story

  • 1992

    First wind turbine enters operation in Brazil

    Wind energy in Brazil had its first indication in 1992 with the start of commercial operation of the first wind turbine installed in Brazil, which was the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Wind Energy Center (CBEE) and Companhia Energética de Pernambuco (CELPE), through funding from the Danish research institute Folkecenter. This 225 kW wind turbine was the first to enter commercial operation in South America, in 1992, located in the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco).

  • 1998

    Project Taíba

    Considered one of the three pioneering projects before Proinfa. Located in the Municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante – CE, the Taíba Wind Power Plant was the first to operate as an independent producer in the country. The plant is made up of 10 500 kW turbines, asynchronous generators, 40 m diameter rotors and a 45 m high tower.

  • 1999

    Project Prainha (CE)

    Prainha (CE) is the second pioneering project before Proinfa. Opened in April 1999, it is located in Prainha, municipality of Aquiraz, with a capacity of 10 MW.

  • 2001

    Creation of PROEÓLICA

    During the 2001 energy crisis, there was an attempt to encourage the hiring of wind power generation ventures in the country. The Emergency Wind Energy Program – PROEÓLICA was created. This program aimed to contract 1,050 MW of wind energy projects by December 2003. At that time, there was already talk of the seasonal complementarity of the wind regime with the hydrological flows in the hydroelectric reservoirs. This Program, however, did not obtain results and was replaced by the Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of Electric Energy, PROINFA.

  • 2002

    Creation of PROEÓLICA

    Criado pela Lei nº 10.438/2002, o Proinfa tem o objetivo de aumentar a participação de fontes alternativas renováveis (pequenas centrais hidrelétricas, usinas eólicas e empreendimentos termelétricos a biomassa) na produção de energia elétrica, privilegiando empreendedores que não tenham vínculos societários com concessionárias de geração, transmissão ou distribuição.

  • 2009

    Second LER and contracting of operation in Brazil

    At the end of 2009, the Second Reserve Energy Auction (LER) took place, which was the first energy commercialization auction focused exclusively on wind power. The Reserve Energy Auction contracts a volume of energy beyond that estimated to supply the country’s demand, to be used, according to its name, as a Physical Guarantee reserve for the electrical system. The 2ºLER was a success with the contracting of 1.8GW and opened the door to new auctions that took place in the following years

  • 2010

    Contracting of 2GW of wind source

    In August 2010, the 3rd LER and the Alternative Sources Auction (LFA) were held, where 2GW of wind power were contracted. These auctions no longer worked with the exclusively wind model, but instead contemplated several renewable sources competing with each other to negotiate their energy in the auction.

  • 2011

    First wind turbine enters operation in Brazil

    In 2011 we had three more auctions, the 4th LER, the A-3 and the A-5 where the wind power source had great prominence when negotiating a total of 2.9GW.

  • 2012

    Contracting 281.9 MW of wind power

    Auction A-5, which contracted energy to start supplying in 2017. In this auction, 281.9MW were contracted.

  • 2013

    Contracting of 4.71 GW of wind power

    In 2013, 4.71 GW of power were contracted, a record celebrated by the sector and certainly a year that has become a historic milestone. This amount was contracted in three auctions held during the second half of 2013.

  • 2014

    Hire of 2.25 GW

    Three auctions were held during the year: an A-3, an LER and an A-5

  • 2015

    Contracting of 1.2 GW

  • 2016


  • 2017

    Brazil: 8th position in the World Ranking

    According to data from the GWEC – Global Wind Energy Council, Brazil overtook Canada to occupy the 8th position in the World Ranking of installed wind energy capacity.

  • 2018

    Wind power hires more in the free market than in the regulated market

    For the first time in history, wind energy contracts more on the free market than on the regulated market. Two auctions were held, one A-4 and one A-6, which enabled a total of 1.25 GW of installed capacity. In the free market, the amount traded was around 2 GW.

  • 2019

    We celebrate ten years of the first exclusive auction for the wind source

    We can consider that, in the history of Brazilian wind energy, the year 2019 is a turning point. We celebrate ten years of the first exclusive auction for the wind power source. Also in 2019, wind power took second place in the electricity matrix

  • 2020

    Wind energy exceeds 17 GWs of installed capacity

    Wind energy exceeds 17 GWs of installed capacity. The study “Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of Wind Energy Generation in Brazil” is published, carried out by the consultancy GO Associados, which quantified the already known positive impacts of wind energy

  • 2021

    Wind power has completed 20 GWs of installed capacity and is consolidated as the second source of the Brazilian electricity matrix.

  • 2022

    ABEEólica presents its new brand and is now called the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy and New Technologies

    After having received large global offshore wind companies as associates, ABEEólica was renamed the “Brazilian Association of Wind Energy and New Technologies”, making official, in its brand, its performance for the development of offshore wind in Brazil, as well as the interest of its associates in new technologies.


Insert and sustain the production of wind energy as a source of the national energy matrix, promoting the competitiveness, consolidation and sustainability of the wind energy industry.


To be recognized as the association that legitimately, ethically and transparently represents the production chain of the wind industry.


Quality, ethics and respect for legislation;
Socio-environmental responsibility;
Cooperation with all members of the production chain

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