the good winds
from Brazil

With more than 1,500 GW of potential in onshore and offshore wind and ranking sixth in the Global Ranking of Onshore Installed Capacity, the Brazilian wind industry has a crucial role to play in helping to address the climate emergency.

Benefits of wind energy

for everybody

  • Every BRL 1.00 invested in wind power has an impact of BRL 2.9 on GDP

  • It is renewable, does not pollute, helps Brazil to meet its goals in the Climate Agreement

  • Allows the landowner to continue with crops or livestock.

  • It generates income and improves the lives of landowners with leases for the placement of towers.

  • Positively impacts the local economy, increasing municipal GDP and HDI by around 25%

  • It generates around 11 jobs per MW installed.

the size of the
industry in brazil

  • 0,0GW

    Installed Capacity

  • 0

    Wind Farms

  • + of


    Wind turbines in operation

  • 0


electric matrix

(in GW)


evolution of
installed capacity

(in MW)

how much
does it generate energy?

0,1% 0,2TWh 1,0%
  • of the entire generation injected
    in the National Integrated System (SIN)
    in 2021 came from wind farms
  • of wind energy
    were generated
    in 2021
  • de crescimento em
    relação à geração
    eólica de 2020.


0,0 millions
0 millions
  • of residences can be supplied by wind turbines, on the monthly average
  • of benefited inhabitants
  • of the Country supplied by wind farms at peak times during the “Harvest of the Winds”.

Contributions of
wind energy to brazil

  • US$ 0,0 billion

    invested from 2010 to 2021.

  • 0,0 millions

    tons of CO2 avoided in 2021 by wind generation.

  • 0 posts

    of work are created by installed mw

  • 0 million

    equivalent to the emission of around 34 million passenger cars.



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