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Wind power expected to reach 24 GW in 2024 in Brazil (Reve)

Brazil will reach 24 GW of installed wind energy capacity in 2024, predicts the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy (ABEEólica). Currently, this energy source has 16 GW of installed capacity, with 637 wind farms and more than 7,700 wind turbines. This makes it the second source with the largest participation in the electrical matrix, with 9.3%, behind hydroelectric plants, with 59.6%.

Even with the impacts of the pandemic in the wind farm segment, for Elbia Gannoum, president of ABEEólica, the good prospects will continue due to the growth of the free market.

“It is too early to talk about the numbers of this impact, because the free market is moving fast and has grown a lot. This can make a big difference for wind farms. And, even in regulated auctions, we know that wind farms tend to play an important role due to their competitiveness, “says Elbia.

Wind power is the second source of the electrical matrix.

Last year, on average, 9.7% of all generation injected into Brazil’s National Interconnected System came from wind farms. They came to supply 17% of the country in periods with strong winds.
The wind energy generated, on a monthly average, is enough to supply 28.8 million homes per month. In other words, a population of approximately 86 million people. Since last year, wind power has been the second source of the Brazilian electric matrix.

The executive highlighted the benefits of wind farms, especially for agribusinesses. They allow owners to carry out other activities, promote the fixation of man in the field with sustainable development and generate jobs.

Elbia also believes that the post-pandemic world will continue to access clean sources towards the sustainability of the planet. “Renewable energies are already cheaper in many markets and we will continue on the path of the energy transition,” he concluded.

Fonte: Reve – 01/08/2020

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